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Alice in Wonderland

A musical inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll.

Original score by Canadian composers Denis Gougeon and Yves Daoust.

Follow Alice as she interacts with a series of animated passages through the winding path of her imagination. 
The music is the starting point for this young adventurer as she meets the Cheshire Cat, the Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and a host of other characters from this classic English work.




Available versions

60 minutes

English, French, Chinese

8 years old and up

  • 6 artists and symphony orchestra

  • 6 artists with recorded music

Technical Rider


Artistic Directors
Reggi Ettore 
Lorena Corradi

Denis Gougeon 
Yves Daoust

Stage Director 
Julie Lachance

Text Reduction
Neil Gaiman

Text Adaptation
Michèle Marineau

Visual Designer 
Pier Chartrand

Lighting Design 
Bruno Rafie

MIDI Orchestration
Louis Babin

Costumes & Puppets Design
Véronique Poirier

Christine Plouffe

L’Arsenal à musique


3 Flutes (the first one also plays the piccolo) 

3 Oboes (the third one also English Horn) 

1 Clarinet in E flat (also B flat) 

1 Clarinet in B flat 

1 Clarinet bass

3 Bassoons (the third one also double bassoon) 

4 French Horns 

3 Trumpets in C 

2 Tenor Trombones 

1 Bass Trombone 

1 Tuba



Percussion 1: marimba, mark-tree, cymbals, bass drum (shared with #3), 1 flexible plastic pipe 

Percussion 2: vibraphone, snare drum, cymbal, whip, 1 flexible plastic pipe 

Percussion 3: whip, low tom, snare drum, bass drum (shared with #1), glockenspiel, tubular bells, 1 flexible plastic pipe



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