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About Us

L’Arsenal’s mission is to introduce concert music to a broad audience, and especially to young people, through bold and innovative interventions and concerts, as well as through the development of strategies for introducing the arts to school groups.

Since 1978, L’Arsenal has created over 25 original productions and has presented more than 15,000 performances to more than 3 million viewers in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Its productions combine music, circus, theatre, multi media, and special effects in an innovative and ground-breaking manner.


Raphael Ettore

general manager

Catherine Gay

project manager

Merlin Ettore

artistic director

Pascale Blouin-Doré

administrative assistant

Lorena Corradi

administrative manager

Mireille N'gouan


Corporate Profile


Corporate name: L’Arsenal à musique inc.
 Non-profit organization incorporated under section III of the Loi sur les compagnies du Québec (LRQ, chapter C-38)
 The government of Canada has recognized L’Arsenal à musique as a charitable organization.


L’Arsenal à Musique is a founding member of the Conseil Québécois de la Musique (CQM)


L’Arsenal à Musique is a member associated of Théâtres Unis Enfance Jeunesse (TUEJ).



Francine Roy 


Patrick Garon-Sayegh 



Isabelle Marier

Isabelle Marier Conseils


Johanne Lang 


Raphaël Etoore
General Manager

André Fortin 

Vice-president, Massy Forget Langlois public relations

Lorena Corradi Manager and Co founder L’Arsenal à musique

Jean-Philippe Argant

Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist

Charles Éthier

CDA, Production Manager

Sustainable development

Commitment and Scope

The development and implementation of a sustainable development plan is a priority for the management and artistic direction of the Music Arsenal.


This plan, which is continually evolving, applies to all activities of the Music Arsenal, both in terms of administration, in production, distribution, and communication. It is part of a medium-term process and serves as a guideline for all Arsenal collaborators, including members of the management, employees, members of the administrative and contractual committee, with the aim of better environmental stewardship and social equity inclusion.

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